NECA Membership

From labor relations and worker safety to financial management and management training, NECA works to make the electrical construction industry more professional and more productive. Our members expect and receive a positive return on their investment. The Chapter’s collective and individually customized programs and services ensure that members receive that positive return.

The Chapter serves its members through labor relations, educational services, technical development, and government affairs. Examples of the Chapter’s diverse areas of member support include:

  • Acting as the collective bargaining agent for contractors signatory to Local Union 26, IBEW and Local Union 70, IBEW.
  • Allowing members to have an effective “voice” in the industry. The Chapter is a valuable tool for members in shaping the electrical and telecommunications industry.
  • Providing networking opportunities for contractors to share ideas and information with peers.
  • Helping members maintain and improve their operations through educational and training programs by providing safety, project management, electrical estimating, and foremanship training.
  • Working with code-making bodies to keep our members up-to-date on matters affecting their services to customers.
  • Serving as liaison to government agencies such as OSHA, DOL, and OFCCP, and keeping members informed of the latest government regulations affecting their construction projects.
  • Establishing a means for customers to connect with members for business opportunities through the Chapter’s referral program.
  • Being a “one-stop” industry resource center, where members can obtain information on any topic affecting the construction industry.
  • Purchasing services and products on a group basis, which allows members to share the costs.

The monthly membership meeting is usually held on the second Wednesday of the month. The Chapter also has other social events throughout the year.

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That’s not all…

The sample benefits described above are just those being provided locally! Visit and see the benefits of membership on the national level.

For more information on how you can put NECA to work for you, please contact the Chapter.